Ceamfibre® is a natural fibre ingredient purified from citrus peel with high functional properties for a wide variety of applications.
Its great technological properties are due to a high water- and oil binding capacity and heat stability. Ceamfibre® improves cooking yields, controls drip losses, reduces fat/meat/solids content, maintains product forms, and prevents undesirable gel formation and fat separation. In addition, it improves texture and replaces other gums and ingredients in the food formulations. Likewise, it provides a pseudo-emulsion that allows eggs to be substituted and improves the quality of frozen dough. Thanks to its interesting functionality, cost effective products can be obtained with Ceamfibre® by reducing formulation costs and improving yields. It is an all-natural food ingredient; consequently no E-number is needed, leading to a clean label. Moreover, Ceamfibre® is derived from a non-allergen and gluten-free source.