The Management of Compañía Española de Algas Marinas, S.A., hereinafter referred to as CEAMSA, dedicated to the production and marketing of food additives, in particular carrageenan, pectin, clarified locust bean, mixtures based on these products, other hydrocolloids and ingredients and dietary fiber, considers the quality, environment, occupational health & safety, food safety and ethical trade as a fundamental market strategy to maintain the reputation of the organization.

On this basis, the main goal is to exceed the expectations placed on CEAMSA by our clients and to demonstrate our capacity to obtain excellent products always in accordance with the specified requirements and the legal requirements on environmental matter, prevention of occupational risks and those specified or mentioned in the FCC, Codex Alimentarius, the European legislation, HALAL, KOSHER or other that may apply, assuming our responsibility towards our clients.

The General Guidelines set out in our Integrated Management Systema Policy are as follows:

  • To achieve the full satisfaction of our customers, providing them with products and services in accordance with the established requirements and specifications -explicit or implicit- and the standards or legislation in force, at a minimum cost and in the time and quantities required.
  • To declare our intention to fulfil our obligation to manufacture safe, legal and authentic products, which conform to the specified quality and functionality, and to assume our responsibility towards our customers.
  • To promote the concept of total quality, so that “doing things right the first time” should be an objective for everyone, regardless of the task they perform, making it a collective task in which we must all be involved.
  • To implement in the Organisation the concept of continuous improvement in the performance of Quality, Environment, Prevention and Food Safety as a standard of conduct and attitude towards work as well as to continuously improve the culture of safety and quality of food in our organisation.
  • The continuous analysis of information, both our own and that received from our customers, to prevent failures and improve our processes and products, anticipating their requirements and needs.
  • To provide the necessary resources, both human and technical, to achieve compliance with the legal requirements in any area of management and/or matter that applies to the organisation.
  • Environmental protection and sustainable use of resources, avoiding the possible environmental effects that may arise from our activity, through the application of pollution prevention principles.
  • To promote the circular economy in the organization and amongst all our stakeholders
  • Commitment to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and health damage.
  • To take the necessary actions in order to prevent injuries and deterioration of workers’ health, with our commitment to eliminating hazards and reducing health and safety risks.
  • To comply with the code of ethics, respect for human rights and labour rights in the workplace and throughout the supply chain involving all our suppliers, contractors and collaborators.
  • To facilitate freedom of association and collective bargaining. Commitment to promote consultation and participation of workers and workers’ representatives.
  • Contribution to fight against corruption through an ethical corporate culture based on compliance with the law and promoting a way of doing business where transparency and commitment to society prevail.
  • To increase the creation of value, balancing the satisfaction of expectations and needs, through the comprehensive management of ethical, economic, social, labour and environmental impact and with sustainable performance, with a long-term vision and perspective.
  • Respect diversity and promote equal opportunities and non-discrimination based on gender, age, disability or any other circumstance.
  • To identify and analyse risks and opportunities in order to avoid and/or reduce exposure and make an assessment for decision making.
  • Periodic establishment of written quality, environmental, prevention, food safety and ethical trade objectives, quantifying foreseeable achievable values, which may be used to set the direction where the efforts of the Organization must be focused.
  • To establishment a documented system of action to ensure quality, correct environmental management, occupational risk prevention, food safety and a code of ethics at all stages of the production process.

This systematic action has been structured and adapted based on and Integrated Management System based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, BRC, SMETA, HALAL and KOSHER standards. CEAMSA has also implemented a manual according to good manufacturing practices, as well as a hazards analysis and critical control points (HACCP). The System has been developed and must be maintained with a preventive approach, ensuring effective management and compliance with the established requirements.

This policy is publicly available and must be followed by the entire Organization. Management is committed to provide the necessary human and technical resources to comply with this policy. Likewise, it will transmit and enforce the Policy to all CEAMSA personnel, suppliers, subcontractors and customers.