The Management of the company Compañía Española de Algas Marinas, S.A hereinafter referred to as CEAMSA, considers the quality, environment, health and safety at work and food safety as a basic marketing strategy to keep our reputation in the production and marketing of food additives, specially carrageenins, pectin, nutritional fiber, clarified locust bean gum and mixtures based on these products, other hydrocolloids and ingredients (salt and sugars). Recovery of non-hazardous waste from sludge resulting from the production process of carrageenans used in agriculture.

On this basis, our main goal is to exceed the expectations that our customers have placed upon CEAMSA and to be able to show our potential customers our ability to get excellent and safe products that will always meet the specified and legal requirements related to environmental issues, prevention of occupational risks and those requirements mentioned in the FCC, Codex Alimentarius, the European legislation or other requirements that can be applied, taking our responsibility to our clients.

Moreover, the company has introduced a health manual according to good manufacturing practices and a hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) that must be followed by all the employees of the company.

The General guidelines set by our Quality and Food Safety Policy in order to achieve this goal are explained as follows:

  • To ensure the total satisfaction of our clients providing them with products and services according to the standard requirements and specifications – either expressed or implied – and the existing rules or current legislation, at a minimum cost and within the deadline and in the amount requested.
  • The concept of total quality is promoted, in such a way that “doing things right the first time” must be a goal for anybody, regardless of the task which is being performed, and turning this task into a collective work where everybody must be involved.
  • Setting up in the Organization the continuous improvement in Quality performance, Environment, Food Safety
    and Prevention as a standard of behavior and attitude at work.
  • The ongoing analysis of information, both the company’s own data and the information provided by our clients
    in order to prevent failure and improve our processes and products, anticipating our customer’s needs and
  • Providing the necessary resources, both human and technical ones, so as to fulfill the standard needs and
  • A commitment to prevent pollution caused by our activities.
  • Promoting the necessary actions to prevent injury and health damage of our workers.
  • To determine periodically and in a written document the goals related to quality, environment, prevention and food security quantifying the values to be attained, which may be used to set the direction where the efforts of the Organization must be guided.
  • Setting a documented systematic approach to ensure quality, the right environmental management, the prevention of occupational risks and food safety in all the stages of the production process.

This systematic approach to quality and food safety has been structured into a Quality, Environmental Occupational Health and Safety Management System and HACCP based on the ISO standards – 9001, ISO-14001, OHSAS 18001 and BRC, and suitable for the requirements of our company. The Quality and Food Safety System has been developed and it must be kept in such a way that priority must be given to prevention of defects rather than to their correction.