Ceamfibre’s emulsifying and textural power allows to create clean label mayonnaises, with or without egg and with different fat contents.

Breakage reduction

Ceamfibre® reduce economic losses during the storage and transport of bakery fragile products, improving the cohesiveness without sacrifice the required crunchy mouthfeel


Ceamsa products can be used in a wide range of non food applications due to their versatile functionality and technical properties.

Snack bars

Our pace of life and concern for health have boosted the consumption of snack bars, specially the ones tha are rich in protein and low in calories. Ceamsa offer clean label solutions, to give consistency and reduce stickiness, sweating, breakage and staling speed of these snack bars.

Freshness extender

Ceamfibre® traps the moisture of the bakery goods, making possible to extend their freshness for longer, reducing the staling speed

Egg replacement

Eggs are allergen and experiment wide fluctuation in their cost. Vegan and cost effective bakery recipes are possible with Ceamfibre®

Fat reduction in pastries

Ceamfibre® is the key clean label ingredient when it comes to improve the nutritional profile by reducing fat in a pastry, without sacrificing taste and visual properties

Toppings & Fillings

Give pleasant smoothness and consistency to syrups, toppings and confectionery fillings with Ceamsa products. Clean label solutions are also available while always maintaining the desired texture

Gelatine improvers

Gelatin based gummies and marshmallows are easily melted in storage and transport and need long manufaturing processes. Thanks to our Ceampectin®, the production yields are improved, at the same time that the final product shape is preserved during their whole shelf life.

Processed fish

The fish industry can benefit from the high functionality of Ceamsa carrageenan, alginate and citrus fibre, which will provide elasticity and resistance to surimi products, and heat and shape stability to fish patties.
Furthermore, restructured fish steaks can be formed, taking advantage of small pieces, otherwise useless in the fish industry.