Gelatine Gummy Candies Solutions

Solutions for the reduction of the setting time of gelatine based gummies, reducing the stickiness and improving the heat stability. In addition, thanks to Ceamsa pectin range, the production can be adapted to starchless system.

Fruit Snacks

Ceampectin® from Ceamsa has specifically been designed for giving texture to products with high fruit content, controlling the process and ensuring a perfect fruit flavour release.

Vegan Marshmallow

Ceamsa offers an unique solution for manufacturing gelatin-free marshmallows, ensuring the same texture, but reducing the setting time and improving the heat resistance.


Particularly suited for low fat yoghurt to improve the body, the creaminess and reduce the syneresis. Ceampectin® is adapted to set or stirred yoghurt applications.

Plant-based solutions

Formulation using dairy alternative proteins could be a challenge to achieve stability and consistant texture.
Ceamsa stabilizers are suitable for this specific recipe ensuring particles suspension, texture holding and nice mouthfeel.

Plant-based solutions

The active performance of Ceamsa hydrocolloids and fibres makes possible the formulation of sucessful plant-based meat and fish analogues.
With our range of Ceamgel®, Ceamtex® and Ceamfibre® VG, plant based patties gain in structure and heat resistance. On the other hand, emulsified luncheon products and hot dogs are provided with the strength, cohesiveness and meat knack, which are often described as real challenges for the developer. Mimicking sensory properties from fish in 100% plant-based recipes is now feasible thanks to Ceamsa VG range.

Patties & Kebab

Ceamtex® and Ceamfibre® product ranges provide cohesiveness when moulding patties, such as burgers, nuggets or meatballs. Likewise the kebab shaping is eased. In all mentioned applications freeze-thaw losses are reduced and an improved heat stability prevents shrinkage at frying.


Ceampharma® product range based mainly on carrageenan is a vegan solution for soft and hard capsules filled with vitamins and other functional ingredients included in a healthy and balanced diet.
Ceampharma® carrageenan is an inert excipient that allows drug release without undesirable cross-linking side effects.
Ceampharma® can be used in other nutritional supplements for specific dietary requirements. This is the case of products oriented to dysphagia treatments, where carrageenan provides the proper viscosity and smooth texture to improve the sensorial properties and facilitate an easy and safe swallow.


Ceamfibre® is an all-natural food ingredient; consequently no E-number is needed, leading to a clean label. Moreover, Ceamfibre® is derived from a non-allergen and gluten-free source.
In recent years, there has been an increasing demand in healthy foods. Two growing trends based on increased awareness of consumers have been strongly developed: the health trend and the clean-label trend Ceamfibre can be added to food items, not only due to its beneficial effects on food nutritional properties and consumer’s health, but also due to its technological properties.
Furthermore, Ceamfibre® contributes to reduce fat and cholesterol content of the products. There is a growing demand to reduce fat in food products due to an increasing weight concern. Ceamfibre® can act as a fat replacer in food products without reducing sensory characteristics.
Ceamfibre® has also proven its functionality as an egg replacer. By using Ceamfibre® we can improve the quality of the end product and freshness throughout shelf life.
Ceamfibre®, labelled as Citrus fiber, has been approved to be safely used in a wide variety of products in the food industry.
Ceamfibre® receives GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) approval by the FDA and enters USDA safe ingredients list as citrus fiber.

Water desserts

A selection of our best Ceambloom® carrageenan products provides a reduced syneresis, transparency, a quick setting and a complete replacement of gelatine in 100% vegetable recipes in both RTC and powder formulations. The desired final texture ranges from soft and brittle to firm and elastic. Considering the typically low pH of the water jelly desserts RTC, attention should be focused on the time/temperature processing to enhance the properties of Ceamsa´s products.