A complete range of stabilisers for your Dairy Applications.
Cost effective and robust solutions to produce a wide variety of texture to your Dairy products

Meat & savoury

Define the texture of your meats and analogues. Either fresh or cooked, improve their yields and syneresis control.


Nutritional, cost-effective and functional improvements for breads, pastries, fillings and glazes.

Fruit processing

Improved quality of fruit-based products, regarding texture, stability and shelf life

Water desserts

Are you looking for a quick setting and total transparency texturizing?
The vegetarian alternative to gelatine.


Contributes to the gelification, cohesion and structure in surimi and other fishery products.

Sauces and dressings

Find out the right viscosity and emulsion stability in your sauces for the best tastiness.


Innovative applications thanks to the alginate reactivity properties